Sunday, January 5, 2014

Colts LB Kelvin Sheppard Slaps LaRon Landry in the Head After Landry Gets a Concussion

LaRon Landry was one of the key free agent acquisitions the Colts made during the off-season. Yeah, he's been injured a lot, but when he plays the man is a beast. In the midst of the Colts epic come-from-behind win over the Kansas City Chiefs he dove at the legs of running back Anthony Sherman giving himself a concussion in the process when his head banged in to Sherman's knee.

As he lays flat on the stadium turf linebacker Kelvin Sheppard wants to slap him on the head? Come on man!

You could make an argument that he didn't know Landry was hurt (concussion); after all the play had just ended a few second earlier. Then again, people don't typically lie there like that unless something is wrong. With the way he walks away I get the feeling he might have realized his goof. 

It's okay man. We know you didn't mean any harm. 

Hopefully Landry will be alright by next week when they take on the Broncos or Patriots.

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