Monday, January 6, 2014

Indianapolis Colts Linebacker Robert Mathis for Defensive Player of the Year!

Robert Mathis is a beast. The former Indianapolis Colts defensive lineman turned linebacker doesn't have the tackles that a lot of other linebackers do in the NFL, but I think it is safe to say that he made his presence known to every offense he faced this season.

I'd go as far as to say that he deserves to be called the Defensive Player of the Year.
At 32 the former Alabama A&M player had the kind of season guys dream about. Rather than slow down he lead the league in sacks (19.5) and made sure any quarterback that didn't tuck the ball and hold it tight when they saw him coming regretted it (eight forced fumbles; also No. 1 in the league).

It isn't all about the statistics though. Mathis made the guys around him better and was a key part of several of the team's biggest wins this season. Just ask his former teammate now in Denver...

Case Keenum might agree. 

Folks in Tennessee might as well.

My favorite play of his has to be when he tried to jump over the Kansas City Chiefs offensive line to get at Alex Smith.

I've seen other posts that say Robert Quinn should be the Defensive POY; or maybe Luke Kuechly. Both players did have stellar seasons. Of the three is should come down to Kuechly and Mathis. Quinn had a solid season, but it was not as good as Mathis and in a losing effort.

Kuechly? Well--that dude is a beast too so if either he or Mathis wins it the award will be well deserved.

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