Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Donald Brown Leaving the Indianapolis Colts? Sounds Like It....

Every seasons team's have to figure out what free agents they are okay with losing and which ones they want to try to keep. It's just the nature of the beast--there isn't enough money under the salary cap to pay guys what their worth or to pay them what they think they are worth.

Exactly which category Indianapolis Colts running back Donald Brown fits in to is not quite clear, but it looks like the former first round does not believe he'll be a Colt next season.

From Bleacher Report
Wednesday morning Brown sent the following tweet out in to the world:

Now this could mean absolutely nothing, but since he is talking in the past tense it definitely sounds like he's on the way out. Rumor has it that the team planned on making him what was called a 'reasonable' offer. If that is the case it sounds like it wasn't reasonable enough for him.

It is kind of tough to put a real valley on Brown. As a first round pick their were big expectations, but he hasn't lived up to them. He has never been able to lay claim to the starter's job and only has two 100+ yard games in his five seasons with the Colts.

One could blame that on a lack of carries, but since he has averaged less than four yards a carry in three of five seasons he hasn't exactly earned them. It wasn't till the tail end of this season that he really started to show some promise.

His lack of production is entirely why they team traded for Trent Richardson--who has also under-performed, but the team feel that he'll be fine after a full off-season and training camp. However, if they don't keep Brown they are going to have to draft someone in the middle rounds.

From Bleacher Report

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