Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Former Indianapolis Colts Running Back Dominic Rhodes Looking for One More Shot

Dominic Rhodes--remember that guy? Yeah, back in the not too distant day he was a half way decent running back for the Indianapolis Colts (didn't do anything worth talking about during his tenure in Oakland). If you think you haven't seen him in a bit, well--you haven't.

However, if he has his way you'll see a whole lot of him next season.

The 35-year old former running back has not played since 2010, but has expressed a desire to play once again:

The last time he carried a ball was back in 2010, but was suspended for the '11 season after failing his third drug test. He was reinstated in January 2012.

Where has he been? I don't know, but assuming he has been putting in the work and staying in shape it might not be a bad idea for a team to give him a shot. In the nine seasons he played he only carried the ball 814 times for 3286 yards. Running backs nowadays will do that much work inside of three seasons.

Why does that matter? Well--because it means his body isn't beat to hell. At 35 he is the definition of a long shot, but fans love long shots.

Heck, he'll be glad to get league minimum too.

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