Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jameer Nelson Celebrates With the Major League 'Marbles/Big Balls' Dance [VIDEO]

Folks in Orlando got their money's worth at the Amway Center Wednesday night when it took the Magic and the Chicago Bulls and additional three overtime periods for someone to win. By time this sucker ended their were 253 points scored, 111 rebounds, 55 assists, and 50 personal fouls!

At one point Orlando's Jameer Nelson was really feeling the flow so after nailing a three he broke out a little celebration dance fans of the basic classic 'Major League' will remember well.

Sadly, the home team only had 125 of those points and lost to the Bulls 128-125.

Oh--and kids, if you are too young to know about the movie Major League here is the scene where the marbles/big balls dance comes from:

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