Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Kevin Durant is Redefining What En Fuego Means and Breaking Records in the Process

Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant has been shooting pretty good lately. Well--to call it pretty good is a bit of an understatement. If you had to describe the way he's been playing over the last dozen games he's been nothing short of en fuego.

No--the man is redefining the term!

Wednesday night against the Heat he scored 33 to lead the Thunder to a 112-95 win over Miami. Tack on seven rebounds, five assist, four three's and a pair of steals and there wasn't much he didn't do. What the world is taking notice of though is his scoring prowess.

Whenever you can do something that neither LeBron or MJ have done (or did) to say that is impressive would not be doing the accomplishment justice--and he's not done yet. In fact, should he have another solid game against Brooklyn Friday night he could set a new scoring record for the month of January:

Well done Mr. Durant. Well done indeed.

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