Friday, January 3, 2014

Kevin Durant Tries His Hand at Football (needs to stick to basketball)

It is not unusual for athletes in other sports to be pretty good football players. Several NFL teams are giving rugby players a chance now. In the past track athletes have done well.  A good handful of basketball players have made it in the NFL too.

What about a current NBA player? Lots have folks have tried to say LeBron James would be a good one, but what about Kevin Durant?

At 6'9" and 240 pounds NFL teams would probably want him to tack on at least 20 or so pounds of muscle before giving him a serious shot. With his height and reach it he could sure make for one heck of a pass rush specialist (with the extra weight of course).

But after watching him try to rush a CFL player--Devin Tyler--he might want to just stick with the roundball.

Maybe since they were doing it on a basketball court--his territory--things would work out, but it wasn't the case. I bet if the roles were reversed though Durant would posterize him in a heart beat!


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