Friday, January 17, 2014

Longhorns Will Be Getting Trolled During East West Shrine Game Saturday By Players on Their Own Team

College football is not quite done just yet. The good games might be done and over with, but if you are jonesing for a football fix Saturday you can catch some with the East-West Shrine Game, an all-star game featuring some of the best seniors in college football.

It appears that while rivals are going to have to play together for some of them it doesn't change a thing--they still hate the other guy.

Earlier in the week Nebraska's Jeremiah Sirles and Oklahoma's Gabe Ikard posted pictures of their helmets to their Twitter accounts. Both of them appear to be taking the opportunity to troll the Longhorns in the process:

As a sign of disrespect opponents of the Texas Longhorns will often throw up the horns down hand gesture (an inverted hook em horns sign). So when these guys got the chance to put the other logos of their teammates for the game on their helmets they decided it was a great time to do the same thing with the Texas logo.

I guess this means that the kids put the decals on themselves and are allowed to do whatever they want with them. I'd think that the organizers might have some kind of rule against stuff like this. It's just going to take away from the game when the focus should be 100 percent on the players.

You would think they might be a little more focused on playing well in front of a ton of NFL scouts. Instead they are taking the chance for one more adolescent prank. 

If the potential to make millions or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in the NFL was on the line you would think they'd focus 100 percent on football--especially since NFL personnel have been known to over-analyze anything they can about a player. 

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