Wednesday, January 8, 2014

LSU RB Jeremy Hill Coming Back for One More Year?

LSU may have to find a new quarterback next season, but whoever it is will have some serious help in the backfield. Not only are the Tigers going to have incoming 5-star recruit Leonard Fournette coming in, but it seems that they are going to have Jeremy Hill coming back for one more year as well.
After topping off the season with a 200+ yard day in the Outback Bowl no one would have been surprised if he decided to declare for the draft, but rumor has it that he is going to come back for his junior season instead:

Kind of surprising, but assuming this is true it's a pretty respectable reason.

He proved this year with over 1400 yards that he is a talent and likely would do fine next season if he did enter the draft. I can't help but think any red-shirt sophomore that enters the draft is making a long term mistake. Yes, they get paid something now, but if they worked on their game for one more year in college they'd be better prepared to play and would likely go much higher in the draft.

Plus, it's bad enough that so many college basketball players ditch their schools after one or two seasons. It sure would suck if it started to become more common with football players.

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