Saturday, January 4, 2014

Mark Ingram May Get Fined Because of Lance Moore (if the No Fun League strikes again)

Due to injuries former Alabama running back Mark Ingram was thrust into a prominent role for the New Orleans Saints during Saturday night's wild card game against the Philadelphia Eagles--and he responded in kind with over 100 all-purpose yards and one touchdown.

After the touchdown--which he scored in the third to give the Saints a 20-7 lead--he celebrated with the Nae Nae. 

From Bleacher Report
Wait-so why is he going to get fined because of Lance Moore?

Well, it depends on how technical and ridiculous the No Fun League Police want to get. Since they don't like choreographed routines involving multiple people I would not be shocked if they decided that since the two guys did the same dance that would count as choreographed.

Since Ingram was second he'd be the guilty party--if the No Fun League Police decide to be as ridiculous as they can be.

From Bleacher Report
Sound stupid? Well, so is the way the league hands out fines. Just ask Kenny Stills.

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