Monday, January 13, 2014

Martellus Bennett Not Moved By Robert Griffin III's Facebook Rant

I love social media. Without bloggers would be out of job/hobby. It's through things like Twitter, Facebook, and everything else that we get the info that we pass on to you guys out there. However, at the same time it has helped me realize something.

People suck--at least the anonymous ones do; sometimes the non-anonymous a well. Just ask Washington Redskins running back Robert Griffin III.
RG3 ha gone from being the apple of everyone's eye to an informal whipping boy of sorts after the way the Redskins--including himself--played last season. He has been on the receiving end of a whole lot of flack; some deserved and some not.

From the looks of his Facebook rant it might be getting to him a little:

From RG3' Facebook page

What sparked this rant? He changed his profile pick to one of him going airborne to make a play. In it he had a sleeve on and a glove.

That's it.

On his end I understand. He has taken a lot of crap over the last few month and enough was enough. Can folks find something dumber to criticize? I think not. Grow up people.

Fans were not the only ones looking to kick him. Martellus Bennett decided to kick RG3 while he was down:

I expected there to be drama this week, but I figured it would be between Seahawks and 49ers fans.

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