Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Orleans Saints Wide Receiver Kenny Stills Fined for Pointing at Lance Moore

The No Fun League has struck again. The latest victim--New Orleans Saints wide receiver Kenny Still. What was his crime? Did you stomp on anyone's hand? Did he punch anyone in the junk? Did he make a late hit or commit any kind of penalty during last week's game?

Nope. All he did was point at Lance Moore while he celebrated.

From Bleacher Report
The league has tried to clamp down on what it deems unsportsmanlike conduct by flagging and fining players that directly taunt their opponents or participate in a choreographed celebration.

So I guess this means that whoever doles out the fines in the league office is a Key & Peele fan and the referees in the game were not (and its a stupid rule).

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  1. Greatest celebration EVER!!!! I say keep doing it, it was hilarious! How many times have they had to fix the goal after Graham!? Sheesh. Get over it, buzz kills.