Thursday, January 2, 2014

Oklahoma Defense Forced Alabama in to Making Four Turnovers in the Sugar Bowl

It's a little cliche, but it is something that every coach will say is true--win the turnover battle and you win the game. Thursday night in the Sugar Bowl the Crimson Tide definitely lost it with an uncharacteristic two-interception night by A.J. McCarron, a T.J. Yeldon fumble, and a late fumble by McCarron that sealed the win for Oklahoma.

Causing the turnovers is only half the battle of course. Yes, it stops the opponent's offense from scoring. It is frustrating as hell to them when they keep shooting themselves in the foot too, but it doesn't matter much if the recovering team doesn't do anything with the ball afterwards.

That was something the Sooners had no trouble doing scoring touchdowns off of all four turnovers, three on the ensuing offensive drive and one the fumble return at the end of the game.

T.J. Yeldon is going to kick himself when he sees this on film.

McCarron should have protected the ball on this play, but the poor guy has been beaten up throughout the game. If I remember right I think the commentators said he was only sacked seven times during the season. The Sooners got him seven times in the game!

Well done defense. Well done indeed.

[GIFs from Bleacher Report]

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