Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saints Tight End Jimmy Graham and Some of the Seahawks Get Into Minor Scuffle During Warm Ups

The paychecks for most of the players during the post season are nothing compared to what they are already getting, but that doesn't mean these guys are going to take winning any less serious. Post season glory is what attracts endorsements and when it comes time to renegotiate contracts more money from the club.

So its no wonder that Saints tight end Jimmy Graham is so hyped up for the game against the Seahawks in Seattle that he got in to it with some of the Seahawks during warmups!

From Bleacher Report
Typically the players stay on their own half of the field if they happen to be on the field at the same time, but for some reason these guys were close enough to start talking smack--which led to a little bit more than just smack talk.

From what I've heard Graham knocked someone's hat off. Yeah, that's nothing and cooler heads did prevail, but it will be interesting to see if the NFL tries to weigh in on this in some way.

From Bleacher Report
Jimmy Graham must have had an extra helping of the Saints secret weapon on the road--chicken from Popeye's. After eating it on the road in 2009--their Super Bowl season--they quit eating it on the road and have lost three road playoff games since.

Now the team has never won a playoff game on the road prior to last week's win over Green Bay so you better believe they had it prior to Saturday's game against Seattle.

From SBNation

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