Monday, January 13, 2014

South Carolina Quarterback Connor Shaw Signs Perfect Autograph on Clemson Helmet [PHOTO]

The season may not have ended in the national title game like they hoped, but Connor Shaw and the South Carolina Gamecocks have reason to strut anyway. They were a good team, but what is more important now is that they are going to be good in the future too.

So there is a reason for the swagger. To be honest folks, I'd have to say that Connor Shaw has redefined what swagger is (and not with this walk but something else).

From The Big Lead
He signed a Clemson helmet. Yes, he did, but before you say WTF so loud the kids next door can hear check out the message with the inscription:

I can't help but think that if they had such a helmet at an event where South Carolina players are autographing things the owner of the helmet probably asked for something like this. If not he's probably one angry Clemson fan.

Whatever brought it on--that is some quality trolling! Steve Spurrier would be proud!

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