Sunday, January 19, 2014

Steve Spurrier Proves He's Really Just a Big Ole Cuddly Teddy Bear

South Carolina Head Coach Steve Spurrier likes to talk and he is never one to pull punches either. If he's thinking it he is going to say it whether you are going to like it or not--especially when it comes to the Gamecocks longtime rivals, the Clemson Tigers.

So when the football team was being honored for having another top 10 season and winning the Capitol One Bowl you know he had to say something about 'that orange team.'

If you just want to hear him troll the Tigers skip to about the three minute mark, but the whole video is pretty good. What was really good was what he said after the halftime show.

As much as he talks about Dabo Swinney and the Tigers--well, turns out he is just doing it for the fans.

Now isn't that sweet? It gets better. He went on to talk about why he does what he does and even told Clemson fans what they should do if it bothers them (and it wasn't inappropriate).

Via SportsTalk:
"...when I talk its just all talk as everyone knows, and it’s for our people. It’s not for the other school’s people. And when Dabo talks it’s for his people. It doesn’t bother me I can assure you anything he says. That’s what we do in the offseason, we have to talk a little bit. So I am talking to the Gamecocks. The other people shouldn’t listen to me really, but they may I don’t know.”
So no harm intended folks. It's all for show (in case you didn't know).

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