Thursday, January 2, 2014

Trevor Knight Laying Claim to Oklahoma's Quarterback Job in Sugar Bowl

Blake Bell and Trevor Knight have both had a crack at the Oklahoma starting quarterback job, but neither really shined during the regular season. They didn't play bad now; just not up to the standard set by the last two guys (Landry Jones and Sam Bradford).

I would be willing to bet that is why former Texas Tech QB Baker Mayfield said he was going to leave Lubbock and enroll at Oklahoma. He thinks he'll be able to step right in and win the starters job as soon as he's eligible. If the first half of the Sugar Bowl is any indication he may want to think twice about that.

From Bleacher Report
Trevor Knight has looked spot on during the first two quarters throwing for more than 200 yards and three touchdowns and an interception while completing 18 of 23 passes--and it wasn't like the coverage was bad either!

From Bleacher Report
Well, sometimes it wasn't the greatest. It certainly doesn't hurt to have a guy like Jalen Saunders that can get separation like this either!

From Bleacher Report
I'm sure the Sooners will be more than happy to welcome him in to the fold. You can never have too many quality players. There is no telling when or if you are going to be hit with injuries and need a third string guy to start for the rest of the season. Should that happen it would sure be nice if that third string guy doesn't suck.

Rumor has it that Mayfield felt like he was mislead by the staff. I can only guess that would have something to do with a potential scholarship and/or playing time. If he isn't getting the playing time he is not going to get a scholarship anytime soon.

If Knight can keep it up he isn't going to be seeing much playing time with the Sooners either.

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