Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Video Clip of Richard Sherman Mic'd Up Proves Michael Crabtree Was the Classless One

Ever since the infamous interview with Erin Andrews immediately following the end of the NFC Championship game Sunday the talk has been dominated by Richard Sherman and whether he is a punk/thug/classless, uneducated buffoon.

As it turns out he may have been antagonized by Michael Crabtree just moments before talking with Andrews.

From Bleacher Report
Sherman was pretty heated up when he talked to Andrews, but after getting shoved in the face it was pretty easy to see why. Many have been quick to say he deserved it and likely said something to Crabtree. As it turns out all he tried to do was be a good sport.

Hmmm. So--any kind of response to that Mr. Crabtree?

It is important to also note that two wrongs don't make a right. Just because Crabtree acted like a punk does not mean he should (if you think he did act like a punk). What is interesting about the interview is that he was cool enough to give Andrews a nice hug right before going into his rant.

He sure seems to be under complete control and calm there; kind of blows a pretty big hole in the 'heat of the moment following the end of the game' theory.

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