Sunday, January 5, 2014

WATCH: Green Bay RB Eddie Lacy Lays the Wood on 49ers Donte Whitner [UPDATE]

In the second half the Green Bay Packers started slowly taking over the game by letting rookie running back Eddie Lacy do what he does best--ground and pound. There is still plenty of football left to be played at this point (early in the fourth), and with the score just 17-13 for the Packers it is still anyone's game.

However, no matter who wins there is one thing we can say for certain.

From Bleacher Report
Donte Whitner--you got knocked the **** out!

[UPDATE] 1/5 @ 8:38 PM ET 

Here's a better look at the hit. Hmm...he ducks his helmet at the end. I wonder if the No Fun League Police will strike...

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