Friday, January 3, 2014

WATCH: Oklahoma State Offensive Lineman Brandon Garrett Breaks Leg in Cotton Bowl

We all know the potential for injury in a football game is pretty high. Even if you are just playing a pick-up game at the park with the guys you can twist a knee, tear a ligament, or bang heads and crack your skull open (been there done that--but don't remember much...). Tack on all the gear and train till you become one of the best like many of the guys at the FBS level do--yeah, the game can be kind of dangerous.

Just ask Oklahoma State offensive lineman Brandon Garrett who broke his leg in the Cotton Bowl Friday night.

Watch this thing and see if you don't grab your leg afterwards.

Garrett is a 6'5", 295 pound junior college transfer that still has his red shirt season available to him. I imagine he will probably take that next season now. From the look of that he will likely be off his feet for a long time and will not be in playing shape by next fall.

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