Sunday, January 19, 2014

WATCH: Seahawks Player Gets Leveled By Someone in Street Clothes on 49ers Sideline

Seattle Seahawks gunner Jeremy Lane is going to get an earful from his teammates about this when they watch the film on Monday. It's one thing to get leveled on the field by another player, but to get leveled by someone just standing there in street clothes?

That's just embarrassing.

If you are wondering what he was doing out of bounds, on punts it is not unusual for the gunners (guys that are supposed to be the first line of defense in punt coverage) to get knocked out of bounds. On this play you can see the 49ers have two guys tasked with harassing him.

Lane knows he needs to get back in bounds as soon as can, but at the same time he can't slow down otherwise he will not do his job.

As for the guy on the sideline--well, you can say he should have stepped out of the way but he is out of bounds and a good few feet behind the line. However, he didn't have to give Lane a shoulder...

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