Monday, January 20, 2014

Whoever Threw the Popcorn Deserves to Feel Navorro Bowman's Pain

It was the worst way for a player to leave the game, but it happened to San Francisco 49ers linebacker Navorro Bowman. Late in the game with the Seahawks looking to widen the gap he suffered a gruesome leg injury and was cheated out of a clutch turnover (until fate chimed in on the next play).

To add insult to the injury some jerk felt the need to throw popcorn on him as he was being carted in to the tunnel.
If the name of this tool was going to be made public I'd think someone would have told on him/her by now. It's okay to cheer for your team and against another, but this is clearly crossing the line. Maybe since this person hasn't been revealed fate will step in here too.

As for Bowman, the 49ers initially feared a ligament tear and sure enough they were right--ACL and MCL tears. Ever the warrior, he isn't letting his injury get him down:

Good luck to you Navorro. We'll look forward to seeing you back on the field next season.

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  1. Just proves a point the classless people in Seattle. From the players to the fans. This game will go down in history for several occurrences- the incompetent officiating, the "12th man" lack of respect and lack of class by the fans, and the most notable- the asinine statement made by a key player who could have gone down in history as a hero, instead of an idiot!