Sunday, January 26, 2014

Will the Houston Texans Do What Needs to Be Done to Become Competitive Again?

Winning is nice (heck—it’s awesome). Houston Texans fans want to see their team doing it again, but will the organization do what it takes?

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The Houston Texans got a taste of what being among the best is like the last couple of years. At the start of the 2013 season they were even talked about as a Super Bowl contender. A few months later the team finished the season with a 14-game losing streak, a new head coach (and now staff), and the rights to the No. 1 pick in the draft.

Being at the bottom of the barrel is not fun of course. Fans liked winning the division two years in a row and want to do it again (and more). There is still a lot of talent on the roster, but there are needs that have to be filled. Kansas City proved that a quick turnaround is possible, but only if the right moves are made.

The question is simple. Will the Texans make them?.... read the full post follow the link to MVPTexas!

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