Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Aaron Rodgers Really, Really Misses Football (just like us)

The 2013 NFL season went nothing like how Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers expected it to. He wasn't supposed to get hurt. The team was not supposed to lose that early in the playoffs (or at all), and he was supposed to throw for 5000 yards and 50 touchdowns without tossing a single interception (you have to have goals, right?).

It is what it is. The season is over, and there are way too many days before the next one starts. As a result--Aaron Rodgers is bored.
You would think that with the money he has and the time on his hands he could do whatever he wanted to do. Maybe that's the problem. He's been there and done that already and is out of new ideas (at the moment). 

Tack on it's really cold up around where he lives so he's stuck inside a lot and, well--he's bored. What do many people do when they are bored? They hang out on social media! Except unlike most of us Rodgers has over a million followers who are more than happy to keep him entertained while he gets in a Twitter war with his former tight end, Tom Crabtree.

Here are some of the highlights:

That wasn't the only fun he had. This tweet drummed up some interest from fans:

Rodgers is not exactly a stranger to Twitter. He has sent out a couple thousand tweets since he joined Twitter, but after checking out the two day war he and his ole buddy Tom Crabtree (there were many more tweets; Crabtree's feed was awesome too) one thought came to mind.

This man misses football. Don't sweat it Aaron. So do we.

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