Saturday, February 22, 2014

Auburn Offensive Tackle Greg Robinson Helps Make Case at Combine to be First OT Taken in Draft [VIDEO]

When it comes to the offensive lineman available in the draft there are two guys that are battling it out to see who is picked first--Texas A&M's Jake Mathews and Auburn's Greg Robinson. Depending on how much weight you want to give to things like the 40-yard dash the scale may be tipping in Robinson's favor at the moment.

Big guys; tipping scales--no pun intended.


Robinson got all 332 pounds moving pretty darn fast in the 40 Saturday morning. When I heard that I he had a sub-5.0 time I was a little skeptical myself, but the video doesn't lie (unless it's from Jimmy Kimmel of course):

Was it a fluke? Absolutely not! His second was even better!

Officially his time was 4.92, but when you factor in that he stands 6'5" and can bench press 225-pounds 32 times it is safe to say that if he does not go before Mathews he will go soon after him.

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