Sunday, February 23, 2014

Bryce Harper is Tired of Clown Questions About 'Clown Question Bro' [VIDEO]

In some parts of the country it is not incredibly cold. There isn't a foot of snow on the ground. Ice doesn't coat the streets, and schools are not delayed because it is too cold for kids to wait for the bus in the morning. In some of those places the best and brightest that Major League Baseball has to offer are starting to gather.

It's time for spring training people.

The beginning of spring training also means it is time for the media to catch up with the stars of the game; see what they are doing, what they have been doing, and--well, let's be real. The media just wants a sound bite.

When it comes to the Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper is typically good for a nice interview. In this one he addresses a lot of things from his first couple seasons in the game including the infamous line about 'clown questions' (which he is tired of).

“Everybody is still on the ‘clown question’ and all that crap, too. It’s in the past,” Harper said. “Everyone needs to get over it. I’m not 16, 14, 13 years old anymore. I’m playing in the big leagues, I’m 21 years old and I’m ready to go.”

Because 21 is such a wise, old, mature age.'s the entire interview:

[H/T Sporting News]

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