Monday, February 17, 2014

Danica Patrick Have a Nip Slip in Old SI Swim Daily Shoot?

Danica Patrick wants to be taken seriously as a driver. Whether that is actually going to happen remains to be seen although there are many that don't ever see it happening. That being said there is one thing that can't be argued--it does not hurt to look at the woman.

She used to do photo shoots all the time, and it appears that in one dating back to 2008 she let a little something peak out....(totally NSFW--but you'll want to look guys)...

The photo in question was a selfie she took during an '08 shoot for SI's Swim Daily. As part of a throwback Thursday thing SI reposted it to their site where it eventually caught the eagle eye of the good folks at TMZ Sports (and now bloggers everywhere).

Want to see?

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