Thursday, February 27, 2014

Is Prince Fielder the Missing Piece for the Texas Rangers?

Something has been missing for the Texas Rangers the last two seasons. Have they found ‘it’ with the addition of Prince Fielder’s bat to the lineup? 
When the final out was recorded in the 2011 World Series the hearts of Texas Rangers fans everywhere dropped. Thoughts likely ranged from “we had that one!” to “we should have won **** it!” and a general feeling of angst best signified with a guttural “Aargh!”

However, after the sadness caused by the loss dissipated a feeling of hope settled in. Texas had the top batting team in baseball during both World Series seasons. The pitching staff had been good in spite of a litany of injuries.

We’ll be fine fans thought. We’ll be back—but the Rangers haven’t..... read the full post follow the link to MVPTexas! 

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