Saturday, February 22, 2014

Kansas Bench Goes Nuts After Tarik Black Throws Down Monster Dunk [VIDEO]

It is not unusual for a bench to react after a player does something on the court--like dunk on someone so hard he gets knocked on his behind. So when the Jayhawks bench went nuts after Tarik Black posterized one of the Longhorns Saturday it shouldn't be surprising.

Than again, it was one heck of a celebration...

It started out as a pretty good game; eight minutes in and the game was 10-10. That changed pretty quick though. The Jayhawks finished the half on a 36-8 run--yes, a 36-8 run--to take control of the game.

When you consider that Kansas had that kind of run early in the game and that the dunk was one heck of a dunk maybe it shouldn't come as a surprise to see how pumped up--and animated--the Kansas bench got.

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