Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lakers Fan Fakes Out Dwight Howard With a Phantom High-Five at Halftime [GIF]

Lakers fans made it pretty clear to Dwight Howard that they were not to happy to see him Wednesday night. Pretty much throughout the night if his hands got on the ball the boo birds came out. One fan took it a step further at halftime.

He had his hand out for a high five as Dwight Howard passed, but like the way cool guy he is he pulled it back!

From Bleacher Report
Now that's a smooth move (not really; tool-ish actually). It doesn't look like Howard even noticed and if he did he likely didn't care.

Why not?

His team was up 64-43 and he knew that his new team would likely go on to kick the crap out of his old one (and they did).  

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