Sunday, February 2, 2014

Mark Cuban Claims to Win Ridiculous $20 Million Super Bowl Bet on Twitter

He is already made a fortune in business. He is making even more with the Dallas Mavericks and as a part of the Shark Tank panel on the popular reality show. Now according to the man's Twitter feed he has won another $20 million because he put a couple bucks down on a safety being the first play of the game.

Which it was of course making life totally unfair that the insanely rich get richer.

From Bleacher Report
Here is the tweet in question:

He is of course just messing with folks. According to Next Impulse Sports he tweeted another message shortly after saying he was kidding, but since the tweet does not exist anymore was he really kidding? Did Vegas tell him not to be a douche and brag (he was kidding)?

Thanks for trying to make the last game of the season a little more entertaining Mr. Cuban.

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