Thursday, February 13, 2014

Media Creating Stories to Keep Michael Sam's Name in Headlines Longer

When Missouri defensive lineman Michael Sam announced to the world that he is gay Sunday the reaction was about what you would expect. There were plenty that spoke out in support, many that were not, and a good number that didn't care and thought Sam's proclamation was not new-worthy

But a reaction from his Dad? Now that would be news--as long as it stirred up a some controversy.


So when one of the most respected media outlets in the world said that Sam's dad was not happy with his son's sexuality and didn't want grandkids raised in a homosexual environment it was news.

It now appears to have been some severely distorted news.
In an interview with the Galveston Daily, a newspaper near Sam's hometown of Hitchcock, Texas, he refuted what the NYT claimed he said (via CBSSports):
"I did not say anything about my grandkids," Sam Sr. said on Wednesday. The Sam family is from Hitchcock, Texas, a small town just outside of Galveston.

The big thing of course is whether he supported his son or not. The NYT article made it seem like he was not, but that is far from the truth:
"My son did the right thing, and I am not against him at all. He has made a great statement in coming out, and that he should be able to play in the NFL. I love him unconditionally," Sam Sr. said. "Once he gets on the field and hits (someone) once, they won't think he's gay."
Many will probably write these comments as him just trying to mitigate the damage after the fact. He'll likely be accused of lying too--and the media will report on that as well.

As long as his son knows the truth that is all that matters.

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