Saturday, February 8, 2014

Miss Football? Give Rugby a Try and Check Out the RBS 6 Nations Tournament!

Do you miss football? Do you wish there was something on television that was fast paced, full of monster hits, and action packed? Well--there is.

It's called rugby.

Chances are you've heard of rugby. Maybe you had a friend that played in college or maybe you went to one of their epic parties (and they are epic). Maybe you've seen the College 7s tournament on television or the international tournament that Vegas just hosted.

Maybe you've heard of USA Rugby speed demon Carlin Isles who is going to be playing for the Detroit Lions next season.

If you've heard of it and you miss football than you need to do this: (1) find a friend that has played; ask around and I'm sure you'll have at least one, (2) find a bar that is showing a game and buy him a few pints while he explains how the game is played (3) fall in love with the game, and (4) see No. 2.

The RBS 6 Nations Tournament is in full swing right now and as the name implies it involves six different teams that will be playing each other over the next few weeks. For a taste of the action check out the line out (above) and try scored by Ireland against Wales on Saturday.

Tell me that's not awesome? Now imagine play like that going on for two 40-minute halves. If you are starting to think it's a great reason to get the guys together and drink a few beers you are right!

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