Saturday, February 15, 2014

President Obama Gives T.J. Oshie Props on Twitter; Oshie Gives Credit to More Deserving Heroes

Many have criticized President Obama for being vocal with when it comes to his love of sports, but his approach to sports is probably one of the smartest moves he's made (not related to any actual business of state of course).

The American people love sports so how better to connect with them and show that he is just like they are than to be a fan?

So when T.J. Oshie went beast mode during the shootout against Team Russia to give the United States a 3-2 win it comes as no surprise that President Obama sends out some Twitter love to the victors:

The performance has given Oshie instant star status among non-hockey fans and even has some calling him a her--something he wasted no time responding to:

Yeah, that just makes me like the dude even more too.

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