Sunday, February 23, 2014

Questionable Call and Epic Tantrum Tarnish End of Duke/Syracuse Game [GIFs]

Saturday's contest between No. 5 Duke and No. 1 Syracuse was a pretty bog one for both schools. Syracuse needed a win to get back on track after a suffering their first loss of the season to Boston College earlier in the week. Duke was hoping to rebound after losing to another rival--North Carolina--a couple days earlier.

Only one can leave the court happy of course. From a fan perspective though you wish the end was cleaner than it was.

From Bleacher Report
With ten seconds left and down by two C.J. Fair goes up for what appears to be a game-tying basket. That is, until the ref waves it off and calls him for an offensive foul--which is when the real fun starts.

Legendary Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim goes nuts!

From Bleacher Report

The tantrum got him a pair of technical and an ejection. You could argue that at that point the game was lost, but free throws are far from automatic in college so you never know. The chances would have been slim, but thanks to the extra foul shots Boeheim gave Duke his team was officially out of it.

Of course had the ref not called  Fair for the foul the game could have gone in to overtime, but than again there was enough time on the clock for Duke to pull off another play.

So did Boeheim's tantrum matter? Who knows, but it was sure entertaining.

Final Score: Duke 66 Syracuse 60

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