Monday, February 3, 2014

Russell Wilson Needs to Stay Away From the Texas Rangers

When you do something huge like win the Super Bowl there is a strong chance that the euphoria that comes from the magnitude of the accomplishment can make you a little crazy. I'm not talking crazy 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest', but crazy 'I can't be held responsible for whatever I say' crazy.

Why is this relevant? The man said he was going to spring training with the Texas Rangers.

He doesn't need to do this. In fact--he shouldn't do it. Wilson just finished a nice, long football season--time to take a vacation! He isn't getting paid the big money yet since he was a third round pick, but I'm sure he can afford to head down to Punta Cana for a month (besides, it's cold in Seattle).

Along with taking a break and getting some much needed rest and relaxation it isn't a smart business decision. The word is that he just wants to keep open and maintain a relationship with the Rangers and MLB, but he can do that without playing baseball.

Yeah, playing would be fun and as a former player he is not going to suck at it. However, he has set the stage for a huge pay raise. The last thing he needs to do is strain a muscle or tear an ACL diving for a line drive.

If he isn't planning on actually playing--well than he should go. Playing is a bad idea, but if he just wants to hang around a MLB team for a while he should go.

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