Thursday, February 27, 2014

Unknown Assailant Takes Baseball Bat to Richie Incognito's Ferrari; Idiot did it Himself [UPDATE]

Richie Incognito has never been known as the cuddly type, but thanks to the Jonathan Martin fiasco in Miami he has been painted as a grade 'A' a-hole. Up until now it appears as if the public perception of him has not bothered him, but after what happened to his Ferrari...

Well, let's just say an angry man is probably really angry!


Someone who doesn't like Incognito decided that it would be a lot easier to beat up his Ferrari rather than try to get back at him. So they did the unthinkable and took a baseball bat to one of the finest automobiles ever made.

I say unthinkable not because of Incognito. If he did something to this person than he deserves what he gets (the red shirts have his name on them). However, the car did nothing wrong and it can't help who owns it.

No need to take out anger against Incognito on such a fine automobile. Poor car.

If you want to see more pics of the car check out the gallery that TMZ Sports has.

[UPDATE, 2/27 @ 1:08 PM ET]

Incognito has admitted to doing the damage himself. What an idiot.

[H/T to TMZ Sports]

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