Friday, February 28, 2014

WATCH: Idiot Fan Gets Tackled By Security After Running on to Court to See Kyrie Irving

After recording his first triple double Kyrie Irving might secretly want fans to rush on to the court and say hi, but security might have something else to say about that. Friday night another idiot decided it was a good idea to interrupt a game so he could say to the Cavaliers point guard.

What is it with these idiots? Why do they think it is okay to rush on to the court during a game? Do they not realize that they are going to get arrested? Apparently they don't care, but what about the fines? Heck, if they aren't steep enough maybe they should be raised.

This isn't the first time Kyrie was visited by a fan during a game. As cool as it is for fans to be courtside idiots like this have to have league officials concerned. Yeah this moron was tackled and cuffed pretty quick, but he still made it out to Kyrie in time to do a Tonya Harding to his kneecaps.

Tack on all the issues players have had with fans at college games of late and you have to wonder if it is time to have  some sort of barrier between the fans and the court.

Better safe than sorry.

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