Tuesday, February 4, 2014

WATCH: Joakim Noah Has a Few Words for the Refs After Getting Ejected--But What Were They...

Getting kicked out of a basketball game is never fun. When Bulls forward Joakim Noah was booted from the Chicago/Sacramento he was not digging it at all. In fact, on his way out he had a few things to say to the refs.

But what in the world did he say?

Now the only people that know for sure what he said is Noah, the other guys on the court, and the people in the first few rows--but this is the internet. You know, where we make all sorts of assumptions and guess just because we can.

So here goes; seven things that Joakim Noah may have said when he was ejected against the Kings:

1. I am blocking you, you, you, you, and you on Facebook!
2. Peyton Manning is a great quarterback damn it!
3. I told you we should have let this team move to Seattle! They'd be too high to play if we had!
4. I don't get the Obamacare website. Will you, you, you, you or you help me?
5. Man, I'm tired of playing. Can you kick me out of the game please; I'll make it look good.
6. For the last time my last name is not Phoenix!
7. Do you want to be like Mike? How about you? or you? or you? or you?

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