Friday, February 14, 2014

What in the World is Ed Reed Doing?

Ed Reed's time in Houston continued to be somewhat of a mystery recently. His time as a player was mercifully cut short after the aging veteran failed to live up to any of the hype and expectations. Recently he was back in town though and carrying around $50,000 in cash.

What in the world does someone carry around $50K for? Did he want to get robbed--because he was?

I suppose if you make millions than carrying around $50K is not as big of deal. Reed had withdrawn the money from one bank and put it in a sack on the passenger seat of his car (a 2006 Audi; maybe he was going car shopping).

He went in to another bank and when he came out the money was gone.

Since he did 'steal' millions last season by pretending to be a football I suppose you could say this is poetic justice, but I can't help but wonder about the whole situation.

He is a longtime football player that has made millions yet he's driving an old Audi?

What was he doing in the second bank? Withdrawing more? What's with the multiple accounts anyway? Is he trying to hide his fortune?

Why on Earth did he put 50K in a sack? You would think he would have put it in a suitcase or duffel bag or something--at least that's what they do in the movies.

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