Tuesday, February 25, 2014

You'll Never Guess What Russell Wilson Did During Halftime of the Super Bowl--He Took a Shower!

Your name is Russell Wilson and you are the quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks, the NFC Champions. You are playing in the Super Bowl--the biggest game of your life; one that every player hopes to reach and so many never do. You have a 22-0 lead at halftime.

What do you do?

You take a shower. From Tuesday's Dan Patrick Show:

“This is what I did at halftime, and a lot guys did, too — I took my whole uniform off and took a shower. Halftime is about 45 minutes, so I took a shower, retaped everything, got my arm stretched again, and then we got into a whole ’nother stretch again.”
So there you have it kids. The key to gridiron glory and success is cleanliness. Mom was right.

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