Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cam Newton's Competition Tweets He's Ready to Take Over--Just Has to Loosen Up

Early Tuesday afternoon the news began to spread across the internet that Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was going to have ankle surgery and he'd be out of commission for the next four months. That means the leader of the team is going to be MIA for OTA's and will likely be out for the first preseason game too.

That's okay though--because Cam's mother's favorite player is ready to step in.

The kiddo in the Play 60 commercial with Newton sent this tweet shortly after the news of Cam's ankle surgery broke:

Awesome (even if it is some intern that works for the Play 60 campaign).

Heck, who knows--if this kid ends up having some skills maybe he can stick around after Newton returns so that Cam can have someone to pass to.

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