Monday, March 31, 2014

Could Johnny Manziel Have a Draft Day Like Aaron Rodgers?

Comparisons are drawn between players all the time, and come Draft Day there very well could be one drawn between Johnny Manziel and Aaron Rodgers. 
There are certain people in life that you either love or hate. When it comes to this year’s crop of NFL hopefuls looking to get drafted there is no player that elicits one response or the other quit like Johnny Manziel.

Whether its football fans that don’t care for the arrogant side of Manziel that the world was introduced to last off-season or the analysts that think his size and skill set doesn’t translate to the NFL there are plenty that hate him. At the same time there are just as many fans that see him excelling at the next level, and analysts that think he will do just fine.

And the funny thing is none of their opinions matters. The only ones that do belong to the coaching staffs and front offices of the 32 NFL teams—and they aren’t talking.... read the full post follow the link to MVPTexas!

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