Thursday, March 20, 2014

DeSean Jackson Could Have a Serious Impact on Who Makes the Super Bowl

One player does not a championship team make, but the addition of one player--the right player--can have enough of an impact on a team that he can tip the balance of power in his team's direction. Current Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver is just such a player.

The only question now is what team he is going to be playing for next season. With the teams that are interested in him he could very well be the missing piece of the puzzle for a Super Bowl hopeful.

Rumor has it that the San Francisco 49ers, New England Patriots, New York Jets, and Carolina Panthers could be interested in trading to for the talented but troublesome wide receiver. Should he land with any one of them he could very well be the impact player that could make or break the team's season.

So how could he impact them?

San Francisco 49ers: Colin Kaepernick has Anquan Boldin and Vernon Davis in the passing game and that is about it. With DeSean Jackson added to the mix the 49ers will be able to spread defenses out more since they will be forced to respect him as a deep threat. Coverage will loosen up a little and make everyone's life a lot easier.

New England Panthers: Tom Brady has been getting it done for years without real talent at wide receiver. Julian Edelman is a good possession receiver and Danny Amendola is okay, but neither really scares defenses. Rob Gronkowski is a difference maker, but you can't count on him to be healthy. Add Jackson to the mix and the attention he pulls away from the others will make help make everyone better.

Carolina Panthers: The impact here is easy. The best wide receiver the Panthers have right now is Jericho Cotchery--Jericho Cotchery! Carolina will likely be going with a wide receiver in the early rounds of the draft, but they don't want to count too much on a rookie. Without someone of Jackson's caliber defenses will go back to focusing on the run (and the Panthers will be screwed).

New York Jets: Jackson will not make them a Super Bowl contender, but he will take a lot of pressure of Geno Smith who looked great at times last season. He also looked horrendous at times as well. I'd like to see what he can do if he actually has a serious play maker to help him out.

Philadelphia Eagles: There is a very good chance that he ends up staying in the City of Brotherly Love. Should that happen and he can behave himself he'll be an invaluable piece to the puzzle for Philly. Chip Kelly is probably going to add at least one play maker in the draft, and after the way Nick Foles played down the stretch the Eagles very well could be contenders.

Of course if he decides his rap game is more important than his football game he could become the kind of cancer that tanks a team too. Dealing with his sizable cap hit ($10.5 million I believe) will not be easy either--but when it comes to winning the big one teams will find a way to do what they think they need to.

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