Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Don't Worry Dallas Fans--You've Got Tony Romo (and Scott Linehan)!

One of the great things about the owners getting together in Florida for their annual state off the NFL meeting is the chance that someone is going to say something ridiculous. In four days of meetings it is bound to happen--and it looks like Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was nice enough to oblige.

When asked about the state of his team and whether this is a rebuilding year for the 'Boys Jones had this to say (via Clarence Hill):

“Not at all. You don’t rebuild with (Tony) Romo. The firepower we have on offense and where we are with our running backs, and our receivers — you don’t rebuild with an offense that’s got the capability we’ve got.

“We didn’t bring [Scott] Linehan in here to rebuild. We’re not rebuilding. We are, by necessity, having to revamp the defensive line.’’

He got one thing right; the defensive line does have to be revamped (which Dallas will likely/hopefully do in the draft). As for the rest of it...

Someone needs to tell Jones that Stuart Smalley was just a skit on Saturday Night Live--not reality:

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