Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dwyane Wade Laughs at Lance Stephenson But D-Wade's Acting is What's Funny [VIDEO]

Indiana lost the services of Lance Stephenson during Wednesday's big game with the Miami Heat, but were able to pull out the win anyway, 84-83. The ejection came during the fourth period after Stephenson made a nice play to the hoop, drew the foul, and did a little trash talking (or taunting; whatever you want to call it).

It was his second technical of the game and drew a smile and laugh from Wade, but what was really funny was D-Wade's acting job.


At first he's in the moment and tries to mean mug Stephenson back, but Lance is in the zone and doesn't even see him. When that realization hits you can see Wade's face relax and he smiles, but than he immediately flips his mood.

Suddenly he can't believe what he's had to endure and is wondering where the whistle is.

So he went from tough guy to victim in the matter of seconds. Now that's funny.

[Here is the play in full.]

Lance and D-Wade had gotten in to it just a little earlier in the game too (for his first tech):

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