Monday, March 17, 2014

GIF: Prince Fielder Hits in to a Rather Unique Double Play

When it comes to a guy like Prince Fielder--a not so small guy--there is one thing he needs to do to get on base. Crush the damn ball. It doesn't have to go out of the park, but with wheels like his he is not going to be beating many (if any) infield grounders to first.

That being said--he almost did during Sunday's game against the White Sox.

via Next Impulse Sports
In case you are wondering--no, the White Sox shortstop Avisail Garcia didn't underhand the throw or anything. After tagging second base he threw to first, but hit the hand of the base runner, Josh Wilson.

Hence the high arc the ball took--right in to first baseman Paul Konerko.

If you are thinking that a slimmer man would have easily beat that throw you are 100 percent right. However, the Rangers aren't paying him to leg out singles.

[H/T NextImpulseSports]

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