Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Golden Tate Suprised at the Online Hate He Has Receieved From the 12th Man

One of the harsh realities of the NFL is that players are constantly on the move. It is not unusual to see a number of marquee players change teams each off-season. It sucks for the fans, but that's the reality of the NFL. So when Golden Tate signed with the Detroit Lions recently it should not have been overly shocking.

However, according to Tate a number of Seattle fans did not see it that way.

In a recent interview with a local Seattle radio station Tate talked about the reaction he had on Twitter from many Seattle fans after he signed with Detroit:
“I’m just appalled at the attitude I have received on Twitter from people I thought were Golden Tate fans and thought highly of the Seahawks.”
"...[the reaction has been] really interesting I’m really surprise. Honestly, I think the world of the 12s and I always will. But there is a large group of 12s who have quickly, very, very quickly turned on me. And it’s kind of bothered me because I honestly feel like I did give everything I possibly could to the city of Seattle. …
Tate went on to talk about how he had wanted to stay and was willing to take a 'hometown' discount, but not a 40-50 percent one.
“Now I think people took that discount to like a 40 percent discount. Let’s be real people — I don’t care who you are, if you have an opportunity to earn way more money in another state or another business, 100 percent, I think every last people, would leave, especially if they are setting up the rest of their family for the rest of their lives.”
He's got a pretty good point. Yes a million dollars is fantastic, but who would not take the other job if they offered $1.5 million?
As great as it would be to be a part of a team that will be in contention for the Super Bowl again next year, the move is a good career move for Tate. The Seahawks are a defense-oriented, run-first team; wide receivers are necessary but expendable.
In Detroit he gets the chance to play with one of the best young passers in the game (Mathew Stafford) and alongside the best wide receiver in the game (Calvin Johnson). If there is any place his talents can be on display it will be there.
[H/T SeattleTimes; both quotes from Seattle Times]
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