Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Houston Texans Cheerleaders Know the Way to a Man's Heart!

Guys are simple creatures. We like our beer. We like a good steak. We like hanging out with the guys and bragging about stuff we never did (but since no one else can remember what really happened we can get away with it), and of course we love our sports--especially football.

One of the many great things about football is it allows us to enjoy two of our other favorite things--gorgeous women wearing very little and food.

So guys--have you ever wondered which one of the #BabesOnParade would love to eat whatever your munching on while watching the game? Now you can find out without having to go psycho stalker on anyone!

Just in case watching babes eat is not your thing here are a few picks from @TexansCheer:

A close up shot of a few of the girls during tryouts:

Oh to be a dude in this room (another tryout pic):

Yeah, I'm hoping this young lady made the squad too.

Hands down the hottest pic I've seen on from the #BabesOnParade--cheerleader nerds!

[All media from @TexansCheer]

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