Sunday, March 23, 2014

Iowa State Head Coach Fred Hoiberg Apologizes to His Daughter For His Dancing

It's become kind of a thing these days for a coach to do a little dancing in the locker room with his players after a big win. So after Iowa State took down North Carolina Cyclones head coach
Fred Hoiberg didn't hesitate to cut a rug with his guys.

You have to love how he holds his phone up like it's the 80s and its a boom box.

It appears that after he did it though he might have had dancer's remorse. Since someone is always recording things these days stuff like his dancing is bound to make it to the internet (like it did) and quickly go viral (like it did).

So since he couldn't do anything about it now that it was out he did the one thing he could do. He apologized to his daughter for any embarrassment he may have caused her:

You're a good dad Fred.

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